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Véronique Doray
Propriétaire et Maître-artiste en microblading et maquillage permanent
Pour consultation GRATUITE ou rv : 819-664-5000

J’ai fondé Barbibelle en 2004. Je voulais appliquer mes cours d’art à l’humain. Quoi de mieux qu’un Salon de beauté.

Mon salon, j’en suis fière. Mais il me faut vous dire la vérité… sans mon équipe, Barbibelle Spa n’existerait pas. Alors, à mon équipe, je dis merci et lui suis reconnaissante de tout ce qu’elle apporte à cette petite entreprise.


Maintenant une nouvelle passion est née en moi : le maquillage permanent. Jusqu’à ce jour, j’ai accumulé les Master Class, mais pour moi, ce n’est qu’un début! J’ai toujours voulu me dépasser, et encore aujourd’hui, ce désir est inscrit en moi. Alors oui, je poursuivrai les formations pour arriver au plus haut niveau possible, car dans ce domaine, il y a toujours de la place pour un nouvel apprentissage.

Visitez mon site web en micropigmentation :

Katrine Haspect
Spécialiste en pose et rehaussement des cils, esthéticienne en épilation et technicienne en pose d'ongles sculptés et bronzage NUDA
Je pratique ce métier depuis plus de 3 ans maintenant chez Barbibelle Spa. C'est grâce à cette petite entreprise et à l'atmosphère qui y règne que je fais aujourd'hui un travail que j’adore. Je suis ravie d’être à votre service 6 jours semaines et c’est mon travail que d’être à l’écoute de vos besoins. Je continuerai d’exercer ainsi que de m’améliorer de jour en jour grâce à une équipe en or et mes fidèles clientes.

I have been practicing this profession for over a year now at Barbibelle Spa. It is thanks to this small business and the atmosphere that reigns there that I do a job today that I love. I am delighted to be at your service 6 days a week and it is my job to be attentive to your needs. I will continue to exercise as well as improve myself day by day thanks to a golden team and my loyal customers.

Christine Chahine
Medical beautician
Mélissa Lemieux
Intern - Stylist

I am a medical esthetician. The anatomy of human skin has always been a subject of great interest to me. The whole beauty aspect of the aesthetic world comes to find in me my creative side and my penchant for my human side. So of course, I like to provide care and beauty in addition. I am always ready to share my knowledge so that you can benefit from it when you have questions.

Hairdressing is new to me, but it's a real passion. I am delighted to be part of the Barbibelle team! She is like me: very smiling and devoted. It is always a pleasure to listen to your needs. I want you to be completely satisfied. Hope to be your stylist in the near future.

Nina-Marri Leblanc
Master - Stylist
Laurye Michauville
Charlyne Lacoursière-Morin
Master - Stylist

I have now been in the hairdressing industry for over 16 years. I am always so excited to be able to make room for my creativity while creating bonds of trust with hundreds of extraordinary people.

Looking forward to meeting you, as much as putting your hand to your hair!

Hello. I arrived at Barbibelle Spa after leaving the hairdressing school, 1 year ago now. With my determination and the help of the Barbibelle Spa team, who offered me all the support and all the necessary training, I managed to obtain the title of stylist very quickly. With my good humor and my contagious smile, I believe to be something like a ray of sunshine in the team and it shines on the customers. This is what I am told ... Come see me, it will be with pleasure that I will listen to what you ask me and that I will apply so much so that you will come out completely delighted (es).

I introduce myself. Charlyne, stylist for 17 years, certified master colorist and always also taken by my profession. With a great sense of humor, you will be entitled to laughter therapy in addition to having the hair you want. Because my priority is to listen to you to meet your hair tastes. I make it my duty to inform myself on as many subjects as possible in order to be able to converse with my guests on subjects of interest to them. Come and meet me to have the current hair trend in addition to a `` no cost '' therapy.

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