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Massage du dos
Massage du dos
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Massage therapy


A moment of well-deserved relaxation!

Detoxifying • Relaxing • Therapeutic

* We issue insurance receipts!




Swedish massages / relaxation or therapeutic:

60 minutes: $ 110

90 minutes: $ 130


The various maneuvers of this muscular massage aim to reduce the tensions attributable to stress, injuries or bad postures. In addition to activating the blood circulation and restoring flexibility to the body, this massage provides overall relaxation that invites you to let go.


Swedish duo massages:

60 minutes: $ 110 / per person.

90 minutes: $ 130 / per person.

Swedish Duo massage is a unique way to spend quality time with the loved one; a gift to share.

For two people at the same time, in the same room.


Massage for pregnant women:

60 minutes: $ 110


* This massage is only offered to pregnant women over 14 weeks.

Studies indicate that massage therapy, performed during pregnancy, can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle and joint pain, improve labor outcomes, and improve the health of the newborn.



Deep therapeutic massage (DEEP TISSUE):

90 minutes: $ 125 * Includes therapeutic essential oil 100% Pure Grade Deep Blue

Highly recommended for persistent and / or recurrent muscle pain, this massage aims to relax the deep muscles. The relaxation generated allows for freedom of movement.

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