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Beau sourire
Yeux verts et maquillage
Maquillage permanent des sourcils en cou
Maquillage permanent des sourcils
Traitement des sourcils

Microblading & CO


Véronique Doray, Master Artist PMU

Paramedical • Rejuvenation • Professional

*For more details on our artist and her work, visit : 




Hybrid eyebrows (microblading and shading, 3D effect): $ 485

Diamond effect eyebrows : $ 525

Shaded eyebrows: $ 525

* Prices includes first free retouch

* Free consultation

Microblading is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their eyebrows.
The results are natural, looking like hairs, regardless of the amount of hair present.
Shaded, a '' permanent '' makeup technique, creates shading between the hairs and thus offers a very natural 3D effect.


Microblading and / or Shading retouch

6 weeks to 8 months: $ 150

8 months to 12 months: $ 150

12 months to 18 months: $ 175

18 months and + on consultation

Microblading & CO

Permanent Makeup


Top eyeliner (including intralash):   $ 575

Eyeshadow (shaded eyeliner): $ 575

Bottom eyeliner: $ 350

*Including a free touch up


* Touch Up 

 6 weeks to 12 Months : $200

* Free consultation


Highlight your eyes with permanent eye makeup. Densify the lash line and get an illuminated look while reducing the appearance of drooping eyelids.


Contour only: $ 475

Contour and shading (gloss or diamond lips effect): $ 600

Lip Blushing : $600

Full lips (full opacity): $ 675


* These prices include a first free touch-up

* Free consultation

If your lips are too thin, too pale or asymmetrical, permanent makeup is a very interesting solution. It will allow you to precisely redefine the hem of the mouth.


Semi-permanent makeup for freckles. : $ 350


Touch-up : $ 100 / hr per session


'' Make your freckles a real asset of charm. ''

Trend "Freckling", this European technique is semi-permanent. The pigment used is of paramedical grade and was specifically created for this technique.


Why use semi-permanent freckles makeup:
- Accentuate your existing spots,
- Enhance the cheekbones,
- And especially for fun.

Retouch not included.




(Comin soon)


Tricopigmentation (SCALP)


(Coming soon)

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